Professional Development

Assets School

HAIS Institute for 21st Century Teaching & Learning

Hanahau’oli School

More Than Words
Developing comprehension and deepening literacy skills through voice and drama; Thursday, March 7; Daniel A. Kelin, II (Honolulu Theatre for Youth). For more information »

A Bigger Picture: Integrating Art
Connecting with mathematics through the artist’s experience-classroom, studio and museum; Wednesday, March 13, Saturday, March 16 & Tuesday, May 7; Lauren Okano (Hanahau`oli) in partnership with Spalding House (Honolulu Museum of Art). For more information »

Snapshots of Thematic Instruction
Fundamentals of project-based learning in an early elementary classroom setting; May 9, Thursday, 4:00-7:30 PM session includes a working dinner; NOTE: This is the third workshop in a 3-part series. For more information »

Institute for Thematic Instruction
A design for 21st century curriculum, instruction & assessment; for pre K-12 & administrators; June 24-July 9. For more information »

EVERNOTE in the Classroom
Master the universe or at least your classroom — simplify assessment with Evernote; for k-12 teachers & administrators; June 6-12. For more information »

Punahou School

Sacred Hearts Academy

Flipped’ Workshop
‘Flipping’ your class — What does it mean? Why do it? How do you implement flipped lessons? For more info »

Saint Anthony’s (Kailua)

Kagan Structures for Cooperative Learning & Active Engagement
June 3; Saint Stephen Diocesan Center; 6301 Pali Hwy, Kaneohe; For more info »

Accelerating Achievement: Skyrocket Test Scores with Proven Strategies
June 4; Saint Stephen Diocesan Center; 6301 Pali Hwy, Kaneohe; For more info »